Striking 12 bonus tracks

by GrooveLily



NOTE: These tracks are included here as a separate 4-song download in case anyone's already bought Striking 12. Keep in mind, though, that we've folded these four tracks into the track list for Striking 12 here, so these songs are duplicated.

This is only for you folks who haven't gotten these extra songs yet. *****First-time buyers: Don't buy this AND Striking 12--you'll end up with two copies of these four tunes.*****

'Kay? Thank you! Associated blog entry on our site here:

Recorded live at the Zipper Theatre, NYC, in December 2008.


released December 26, 2010

Violin/Vocals: Valerie Vigoda
Keys/Vocals: Brendan Milburn
Drums/Vocals: Gene Lewin
house mix by Kris Umezawa
onsite recording by Danny Garcia/Germ Recordings
mixed by Brendan



all rights reserved


GrooveLily Seattle, Washington

Bicoastal trio GrooveLily inhabits that contemporary space where creative musicians ignore the boundaries laid down by words like rock, folk, jazz and pop. The success of their first concert-musical, the critically-acclaimed holiday show STRIKING 12, has led them farther into the world of theatre, where they have carved out a unique niche as a rock band writing and performing shows. ... more

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Track Name: Overture (2008 version)
Welcome to the overture
Now is when you know for sure
That this is when it's time to start the show

If you've got candy to unwrap
Or a barking poodle on your lap
Take care of it right now before we go
And turn your cell phones off

This is an important theme
You will hear it later on
At a rather crucial time
In a rather crucial song

Forget all that now clear your mind
Loosen up relax unwind
Take some pictures - oops sorry no
Enjoy the show
Track Name: Green & Red (& I'm Feeling Blue)
What fresh hell is this
It's the televised abyss
Will this Christmas season never be through?
Now the shiny bells still ring
And the happy people sing
Everything's green and red and I am feeling blue
All the trees are brown
In this silver tinsel town
Storefront windows glow in every hue
Let the color wheel unroll
Gray to black inside my soul
Everything's green and red and I'm feeling blue

Every Sickly-sweet song
Is a saccharine holiday hug
Yet I still hum along
Well, Bah Humbug

I could ward off the chill
I could pick up my life and move on
But the house is so still
And she's still gone

Spin the channels once again
I see no good will toward men
Cause between commercials nothing is new
There's such a dearth of peace on earth
Everything's green and red and I'm feeling blue
Everything's green and red and I'm feeling blue
Track Name: Wonderful
No one ever gonna notice
No one ever gonna notice me
if I know one thing I know this
I need a little light so I can see
Surely I can pick out one match
I can spare it
If I dare it
Only one match
Striking one match
And it's
Warming up my frozen fingers
Like a candle brightly burning
but more wonderful
I can feel the ice melt away
And the fire glow is like a summer's day

"And it seemed to the girl that she was sitting by a large iron stove. How the fire burned. It seemed so beautifully warm that the child stretched out her feet as if to warm them, when lo! The flame of the match went out, the stove vanished, and she held only the remains of the half burnt match in her hand."

I don't wanna be a bad girl
What'll daddy think of what I've done
He's gonna say you made me mad, girl
Wasting matches when you're selling none
But he doesn't see what I see
Only duty
Not the beauty
Only one more
Striking one more
and it's
Roasted goose and sugar plums so
like a banquet for a princess but more
all the silver polished to a glow
and the table cloth as clean and white as snow

"Then the match went out and the feast too vanished. Before her remained nothing but the thick, damp, cold wall."

All of the things I see through windows
When I'm on the wrong side of the glass
Are even more beautiful and wondrous
Here in the light of just one match

Let the walls be transparent once again
Let me see through this vision to the end

(with Gene and Brendan backup)
Should I light one more
Maybe just one more
Should I light one more
Maybe just one more (etc)

And it's wonderful
I am here beneath a Christmas tree so
all the tapers shine like diamonds but more wonderful
How the branches sparkle in the night
With the ornaments reflecting all the light in multicolored hues of

Like a thousand thousand constellations
Like a sea of candles rising toward the skies
Can't believe my eyes
Can't believe my eyes
Can't believe my eyes
Can't believe my eyes

"The lights of the Christmas tree rose higher and higher, till they looked to her like the stars in the sky. Then she saw a star fall, leaving behind it a bright streak of fire."
Track Name: Picture This
Picture this
deserted alley
a girl adrift alone amid the snow

picture this
her gray haired grandma
the only one who said i love you so

it’s a vision in the matchlight
flickering and floating

so much kindness in her grandma’s loving eyes

and she knows it’s only moments
til the match burns out forever
and this luminary vision fades and dies

picture this
an apron full of matches
a world of indifference
and a single loving face

it’s her grandma gently rocking
it’s her grandma gently rocking
it’s her grandma gently rocking her to sleep

and the match is quickly burning
and the match is quickly burning
and the match is quickly burning very low

and the light is disappearing
and the light is disappering
and the light is disappearing and she says
(segue to Caution To The Wind)